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amau Daaood started his writing career in the 60's with the Watts Writers Workshop. Daaood credits Horace Tapscott with being one of his mentors and has performed regularly with the Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra since the 60's. For thirty years now,…

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Monastery: a peaceful retreat where these two people indeed work like monks and every now and then launch the fruits of their efforts into the wild world. It may be literature, music, drawings, but essentially it’s always about freedom. This album…

Susheela Raman, Mike Stern and Djavan made guest appearances on the album, and the 2006 edition of the record features a song "Please Don't Stop" with guest vocals by John Legend.

Cameroonian composer and producer Franck Biyong who appeared at The Pan African Space Station Festival in Cape Town (2009) is back with a new Afrolectric release.

Recorded in Cameroon, Visions of Kamerun see Biyong and his crew navigate the…

A film featuring performances of several stars of the Latin Jazz music scene.

total duration: 32'    [ not 60' as the backcover inclines ]

"Group ONGAKU, founded mainly by students at Tokyo National University of Fine Art & Music, was the 1st collective musical improvisation group. The group began their activities in 1958, & from the naming of the group in 1960 onward continued…

Henry Cow's third album, originally released in 1975, found them expanded to an eight-piece ensemble after a guest session on another group's record. Henry Cow absorbed Slapp Happy into their lineup after appearing on Slapp Happy's Desperate…
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