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Ave Rara has a clear feel of soft Brazilian jazz with most arrangements taking advantage of the small ensemble to explore the nuances in each track performed here. For example, the opening track, Lenine’s “Tuaregue e Nagô,” adds a very nice…

Electronic studio experiments from 1999—a decade ahead of their time—FRU sound more relevant and of it's time now. This album long out of print, is available once again. A ten year anniversary re-issue on 1k recordings with a generous tip of the hat…

Frans Friederich studied trumpet with Peter Masseurs and Roy Campbell. From the early eighties on Friederich is involved in a lot of music and bands like Dull Schicksal, Gerd, Recyclopedia and Sonar Lodge. He also made a lot of music for Dutch TV and…

To Be Continued by Soul Folk featuring Will Hammond, Jr. draws on jazz, hip-hop, techno, folk to create 17 compelling tracks that surprise and hold the listener's interest. Highly recommended.

Susheela Raman, Mike Stern and Djavan made guest appearances on the album, and the 2006 edition of the record features a song "Please Don't Stop" with guest vocals by John Legend.

Guest MC's: Ashaman, Loovay, Johnny Six, John Bundes, Exinox, Lexxus Legal, Nooka, Jiorjino, Santana

Producteur Executie: BIG BANG
Mixage: JD (Studio Le Bon)

The kids of Art Start's Hip-Hop Project created this CD, their first recording in the new studio to thank Bruce Willis and Russell Simmons for making a dream come true.

Cameroonian composer and producer Franck Biyong who appeared at The Pan African Space Station Festival in Cape Town (2009) is back with a new Afrolectric release.

Recorded in Cameroon, Visions of Kamerun see Biyong and his crew navigate the…

This is the NYC underground poetry group Second 2 Last’s last major release.


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A young Parisian woman meets a middle-aged American businessman who demands their clandestine relationship be based only on sex.
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