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We are actively doing, creating and achieving right now, changing the world in our process - it is perception that determines if you feel the world as dark, bad and hopeless, or as bright, shiny and positive!

Een selectie van mijn introspectische dagboeken - geschreven tussen 2014 en 2016. Toen nam ik mezelf nog uiterst serieus - en ik schrijf over mijn situatie bijna als een derde persoon.

Dying after living ain´t so bad...

Basically describing one sleepless nights, of which many occur, the writer expresses the thought patterns, paranoia and fear that occur in these sleepless moments.

One night, one exploration, one pain body

Learning to love the grey, as most is middle ground.

A perzine on the quirks and strange encounters while exploring your own sexuality by yourself- the pain it can attain to, the questions, the doubts.

The word for work is play. Love. Live. Play. Divided in chapters, this books showcases ideas on how to use day-to-day materials and paper to create art pieces with strong visuals.

Have you always want to show how sustainability works? This book showcases various themes and examples of how to create infographics to bring your message across!

De 21e eeuw kenmerkt een stagnatie in het verlangen naar de toekomst, we kijken vooral terug. Maar waar komen die blokkades vandaan om niet langer vooruit te kijken?
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