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Fantastic Planet

This week’s cultfilm - LA PLANÈTE SAUVAGE aka FANTASTIC PLANET by French director René Laloux - is a true animation classic, tripping people out since the 70s up until now. In honor of the Czechoslovakian animators, we’ve collected some of the country’s classics from our archives. From Jan Svankmajer to Jiri Minzel, these are definitely ones to CZECH out! In addition, we’ve included a selection of animation movies, paying tribute to the fine skill of hand-drawn illustrations and stop-motion techniques as well. Yes: no CG! Long live the kunstguerillas!

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The void

The directors of this week’s cultfilm combine their love for 80s practical effects with clever modern day CG, resulting in the gory movie called THE VOID! So, in honor to them, and in honor of the genre, this week’s curation is dedicated to over the top horror movies! The Toxic Avenger, Tetsuo and the Tokyo Gore Police, but also Italian scare classics, such as Umberto Lenzi’s Nightmare City and Eaten Alive. And in true dedication to the 80s horror extravaganza, we even pulled out some VHS tapes from the archives. Frank Henenlotter’s Brain Damage is guaranteed to further enhance your trip inside our DISPLAY, or, if you prefer, you can go to hell as well with the nasty scifi-horror Event Horizon!


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