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To all cat-lovers: FRITZ THE CAT is coming to WORM. Cultfilm and Stonerama will show both adult animation films featuring the dirtiest cat around! To accompany this entertaining filth, we’ve climbed up to our archives’ top shelves to get you the some of our kinkier dvds in our collection! Expect plenty of adult entertainment from the likes of Tinto Brass and Russ Meyer. Together with some risqué animations - including TARZOON, world’s first X-rated feature animation - this week’s display is definitely not for children!




Fritz Comics! Prepare yourself for the two animation movies by reading the original comics, right here at WPB! Fritz’ antics definitely go beyond Garfield’s lasagna fetish. And if you’re not a big fan of Fritz, than enjoy the Death of the Cat in FRITZ THE CAT – SUPERSTAR: a comic that creator Robert Crumb made after seeing (and hating) the first animation film.


RECOMMENDED YOUTUBE-LINK: The Confessions of Robert Crumb (1987)

Broadcast on Dutch television, this documentary gives us a glimpse in the life of Fritz the Cat-creator Robert Crumb. Find out why he didn’t like the movie and where his somewhat perverse thoughts come from. There’s also a documentary produced by David Lynch on the artist; find it, watch it!


Fire and Ice (Ralph Bakshi, 1983)Although Crumb disliked the movie, it didn’t interfere with the successful career of director Ralph Bakshi. After Fritz, he continued with HEAVY TRAFFIC, COONSKIN, WIZARDS, THE LORD OF THE RINGS amongst others… maybe his most famous movie is the barbarian tale of FIRE AND ICE, featuring some amazing rotoscopic effects that still look great!

Let My Puppets Come (Gerard Damiano, 1976) What now?? OK, first, Gerard Damiano directed the famous DEEP THROAT-movie in 1972, and in 1976 he decided to make something more… light-hearted. As the title suggest, it features all kinds of puppet-on-puppet and puppet-on-human action… not as shocking as Peter Jackson’s MEET THE FEEBLES (1979) though, which is also in our collection… for fans of all things furry and cuddly!


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Fantastic Planet

This week’s cultfilm - LA PLANÈTE SAUVAGE aka FANTASTIC PLANET by French director René Laloux - is a true animation classic, tripping people out since the 70s up until now. In honor of the Czechoslovakian animators, we’ve collected some of the country’s classics from our archives. From Jan Svankmajer to Jiri Minzel, these are definitely ones to CZECH out! In addition, we’ve included a selection of animation movies, paying tribute to the fine skill of hand-drawn illustrations and stop-motion techniques as well. Yes: no CG! Long live the kunstguerillas!

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