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Cracked Share 2004-2006 31'
Metaphysics Of Sound 2007 29'
Live Performance at Kunst Doc 17 Feb 2008 11'07

total duration: 71'07

Supplement: A 20 page booklet with elaboration on the works.

1 "Learning To Communicate",
2 "No Business",
3 "Gimme The Mermaid"
4 "U2" ('I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' Special Edit Radio Mix)
5 "Time Zones"
6 "Freedom's Waiting"
7 "The Bottom Line"
8 "Yellow Black…

Warning! These DVDs are for Adults Only ;)

Mariola Brillowska's animated world is cruel and sexy. Desires and longings are fulfilled instantaneously; the transition from living being to corpse is seamless. Breathtaking women, stranded men,…

Lightning Strikes 2009 (dir. Sönke Held)
Orchester 2 2009 (dir. Benedikt Rugar)
Boats in the Bedroom 2008 (dir. Graw Böckler)
Hond Aerobic 2006 (dir. Mariola Brillowska)
Matki Wandalki 2005 (dir. Mariola Brillowska)
Big Bug…
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