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Based on the Flemish book series of the same name by Louis De Groof. Captain Zeppos (a pseudonym he obtained in Greece) is a man who one day arrives on horseback in the municipality of Belder. Here he makes friends with, among others, the young Ben…

Morning 1966-69 17'
The Magic Sun' 1966-68 17'
Dog Track 1969 8'30
Annie 1968 8'
Max 1966-68 7
Raoul 1968-69 20'

total duration: 86'

Little Dog For Roger 1967 12'
Berlin Horse 1970 9'
Threshold 1972 17'
Whitchurch Down (Duration) 1972 10'
After Lumière - L'Arroseur Arrosé 1974 12'

total duration: 60'

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Two perverts kidnap three young women and take them to an isolated warehouse, where they proceed to try to terrorize the girls into having sex with them.

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Two kinky female roommates have odd habits. One is a hooker who beats up and robs her customers after she has sex with them. The other one takes money from men to perform stripteases for them at her place. One day she and a customer, Mr. Gregory,…
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