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7 Till 5 ( 1933 12' )
Polychrome Phantasy ( 1935 2'52 )
Dots ( 1940 3' )
Loops ( 1940 3' )
Stars and Stripes ( 1939 3' )
Boogie-Doodle ( 1948 4' )
Dollar Dance ( 1943 5' )
A Little Phantasy on a 19th century Painting ( 1946 4'…

This is a book where artists and musicians have mapped sound-walks around Amsterdam. This is a step into the intersection of geography - city life - soundscapes and urban life connect.

Four loops with pitch-bend function.

The packaging consists of a clear outer printed plastic sleeve.

Ambient floppy disk music. Album was donated to WORM after Rainbow Valley performed at Floppy Totaal 2017.

As one of the most important archives in America, the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House has been a major force in conservation of early films and a source of distinguished articles on early films and film making in its…

Grinding teletubbeeecore, from Italy

1. Welcome back in the Sonic cunt
2. Porno Babylone
4.Stracciatella in your pants
5. Im in love with your mama but your daddy is my bitch
6. Teletubies homophobia
7. Stinky…

Warning! These DVDs are for Adults Only ;)

Mariola Brillowska's animated world is cruel and sexy. Desires and longings are fulfilled instantaneously; the transition from living being to corpse is seamless. Breathtaking women, stranded men,…

Previous writings about Throbbing Gristle have tended to dissolve into lurid half-truths about deviance on and off stage - and their actual work (the lyrics, recordings and images associated with them ) has received comparatively little attention.…
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