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Forbidden Planet


Reacting on Filmhaus' screenings, Worm Pirate Bay Media Archive presents weekly, a curated selection of films from its vault. Check out this week’s choices, watch them in the comfort of our pink, fluffy installation DISPLAY, or ask for a free copy to take home with you!

Every Tuesday to Thursday 20:00-23:00, at the foyer of WORM.


This month you can witness TWO Cultfilms at WORM: Psychos in Love on Valentine’s Day, and the cult classic Forbidden Planet. Since our collection of romantic movies is very limited, we’ll stick with the sci-fi theme for this month’s curation! In honour of TEC ART we’ve collected all spacy stuff from our archives. Expect everything! …except Star Wars. There’s just too much of that around already. So tired of the disney-marketing machine, sorry… Sooo, instead, you can watch all kinds of campy retro-futures, body horror stuff (did you see that live flesh during the TEC ART expo??) and hyperhypnotic space travels ….. Bleep your mind out of that display!




Them (Gordon Douglas, 1954): Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant Ants. Giant. Ants. We also have classics like Soylent Green, The Wasp Woman, Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet, but all those don’t have Giant Ants… (doubly recommended for those who’ve enjoyed the last insect-themed Stonerama-event!)


De Toekomst Hervonden (Omar Munoz Cremers, 2014): Not interested in all those classic movies? -> This WORM produced book collects various Dutch essays on why progress seems to get stuck. “Cultuur lijkt te stagneren in een permanente staat van terugkijken (did we already mention something about the new Star Wars-series??)”. Interesting essays about lost futures in which sci-fi cinema plays a great role.


Man With The Screaming Brain (Bruce Campbell, 2005): Yes, you read that right! Bruce “The Chin” Campbell, our beloved hero who fought against the Evil Dead, directed (and starred) in this movie! The brains of a Russian taxi driver and a wealthy businessman are brought together in one body by a mad scientist. Crazy comedic sci-fi antics follow, and if that’s not enough for you, we have another crappy sci-fi featuring Bruce to experience: Alien Apocalypse (Josh Becker, 2005). Enjoy!

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