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12 Shorts

Interview with the members of the Collectifff
Animated storyboard of Sanctuary's battle
'SHE'S A SLUT' shortfilm
Making of Collector

total duration: 120' + 136'

Supplement: Booklet with an introduction…

Six Men Getting Sick (1967)
The Alphabet (1968)
The Grandmother (1970)
The Amputee, Version 1 and Version 2 (1974)
Premonitions Following an Evil Deed (1995)

total duration: 91'


'Soft Plants' Emma de Swaef 11'
'The Making of Oh Willy' Matthias Therry 20'

total duration: 48'

Lightning Strikes 2009 (dir. Sönke Held)
Orchester 2 2009 (dir. Benedikt Rugar)
Boats in the Bedroom 2008 (dir. Graw Böckler)
Hond Aerobic 2006 (dir. Mariola Brillowska)
Matki Wandalki 2005 (dir. Mariola Brillowska)
Big Bug…

Warning! These DVDs are for Adults Only ;)

Mariola Brillowska's animated world is cruel and sexy. Desires and longings are fulfilled instantaneously; the transition from living being to corpse is seamless. Breathtaking women, stranded men,…

1 "Learning To Communicate",
2 "No Business",
3 "Gimme The Mermaid"
4 "U2" ('I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' Special Edit Radio Mix)
5 "Time Zones"
6 "Freedom's Waiting"
7 "The Bottom Line"
8 "Yellow Black…
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