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VR: A MOVIE takes up where 'AMERIKA' and 'A Message From Our Sponsor' left off, and is a compilation (stock/appropriated footage) from 20 features, particularly those that depict or deal with 'virtual reality' and synthetic worlds of shifting…


In this sensuous and complex extravaganza, Shiva, Pan, Hecate, and Kali (among other gods and mythological figures) waltz through elaborate sets, eat mounds of jewels and partake in a mysterious ritual of vast beauty. Anger continues his…

to feel with our ears, to hear with our eyes, to taste with our bodies. Charged with a tickling eroticism and hyperbolically fetishistic aura, this lascivious work of high camp and low culture is infused with an alternately infatuated and critical…

Hollywood footage is edited and deconstructed in an attempt to understand "the dreams, hopes, and taboos of the epoch and society that created it.

Détruisez-vous is a ‘primitive’ film which breaks all the rules of film-making. It’s the first Zanzibar film (and predates the very naming of the movement), an attempt to make a film which defies the rules of production, the production line of…

Bartosch's only surviving film was made single-handely in Paris in 1932. Almost 45000 frames were animated on four different levels simultaneously, often with as many as 18 superimpositions made in the camera.

1969 film by Raphael Bassan, reproduced by Re:Voir.

VHS also includes his short film Pretextes (13mins duration)

"In her approach we have the beginnings of a virtually new artform of 'choreocinema' in which the dance and the camera collaborate on the creation of a single work of art."
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