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Texts, biographies, portraits, manifestos, and extraterrestrials of Knarf Rellöm.

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Political activist, Angela Davis', autobiography

In 'TED: Het bizarre leven van partygoeroe Ted Langenbach' Slotboom sometimes describes events as if he were standing next to Ted, but more often he lets others speak. The book reads like a train because of this. Without filler and with the necessary…

A selection of questions and answeres about love, sex, romance, parenthood, and intimacy.


Memoirs of the Dutch film director Ruud van Hemert (1938-2012).

This book describes Willem van Batenburg's quest and journey through the realistic-looking aesthetic film eroticism. In doing so, he gives an often hilarious account of the laws, employment, possibilities and difficulties as well as the delights of…

Willem van Batenburg, born in 1941 in Utrecht, already knew during his secondary education that he preferred a profession in the creative direction. It initially became the profession of screenwriter/filmmaker. This book shows how this profession…

Vanita & Joe Monk’s Antarctica is the literary autobiography of the world-famous couple Dr. Truth and Glass Bride, a love story that exploded, a confession to crimes against romance and literature, a living myth more real than the true story and…

In 1999, on the 40th anniversary of the FLMD, a handy booklet with a literary walking tour through Leeuwarden was published. The first edition was twelve years earlier. And now, twelve years later, an updated third version of that booklet has been…

Everybody’s Autobiography is Stein at her most accessible and her most serious In 1937, Gertrude Stein wrote a sequel to The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, but this darker and more complex work was long misunderstood and neglected. An account of…
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