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A self help guide for Artists, 2 copies

Leeuwarden has become an important city for graffitti artists. This little book introduces some of the graffitti artists, their work and some specific streets in Leeuwarden. The book is filled with pictures of murals.

This series reports new developments in computer science research and teaching - quickly, informally and at a high level. The type of material contained in this tomb of a book relates to;
1 Preliminary drafts of original papers and monographs

Music festival from de player and a tape!

Hilarious reflections, observations, tips & tricks by America's bravest activist. Must-have manual for the unfettered radical, with advice like: "Each morning begin naked. Destroy your name, become unlisted, go underground".

Adam Bohman is an eccentric sound artist and poet from London. In this CD, he improvies with home-built sound objects, poetry, tapes and electric kitchenware! A jovial vacation into sound art and poetry in the keuken !
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