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Obscure masterpiece of the days of the early American minimalism. Recorded live in 1976, an improvisation performed on Just Intonation tuned keyboards put through time lag accumulators similar to those used by Terry Riley.

Meshes of the Afternoon 1943 15'
At Land 1944 16'
Ritual in Transfigured Time 1945-1946 16'

full duration: 45'

VR: A MOVIE takes up where 'AMERIKA' and 'A Message From Our Sponsor' left off, and is a compilation (stock/appropriated footage) from 20 features, particularly those that depict or deal with 'virtual reality' and synthetic worlds of shifting…

Science Friction 1959 10’
A la mode 1959 7’
Breathdeath 1963 15’
Poemfield n°2 1971 6’
Achoo Mr Kerrooschevv 1960 2’
See Saw Seams 1965 9’
Panels for the Walls of the World 1967 8’
Oh 1968 10’
Symmetricks 1971 6’

total duration:…

A collection of wonderful recordings from fluxus perfromances by Joesph Beuys, the Balloni Brothers and more! With more than 100 years between recordings,this is an LP worth a listen if you are interested in Fluxus and its history!

In 1971 there was no Rock 'n' Roll as out-there as this. During the sixties Frank Zappa, Beefheart, Red Krayola and others were transporting Rock into wierder territory; Faust took inspiration from these artists, but were far more radical. "Why…

On his second solo effort here, one time Palais Schaumburg member and overarching Neue Deutsche Welle figurehead Hiller (two of whose singles have been featured elsewhere on MS) has excised much of the rock element that underpinned his first full…

Very influential and popular electronic music piece from 1967 by American composer who co-founded the San Francisco Tape Music Center. Within the weightless fissures of silence, all has now become silvery and glistens -- jiggling quietly like…
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