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Four films by Madeline Tourtelot (with music by Partch):
- Music Studio: Harry Partch 1958 18'04
- Windsong 1958 17'47
- U.S. Highball 1958/1968 24'26
- Rotate The Body In All Its Planes 1961 9'

- The Music Of Harrry Partch 1968 29'59

Cracked Share 2004-2006 31'
Metaphysics Of Sound 2007 29'
Live Performance at Kunst Doc 17 Feb 2008 11'07

total duration: 71'07

Supplement: A 20 page booklet with elaboration on the works.

In 1971 there was no Rock 'n' Roll as out-there as this. During the sixties Frank Zappa, Beefheart, Red Krayola and others were transporting Rock into wierder territory; Faust took inspiration from these artists, but were far more radical. "Why…

Lightning Strikes 2009 (dir. Sönke Held)
Orchester 2 2009 (dir. Benedikt Rugar)
Boats in the Bedroom 2008 (dir. Graw Böckler)
Hond Aerobic 2006 (dir. Mariola Brillowska)
Matki Wandalki 2005 (dir. Mariola Brillowska)
Big Bug…

The four DVDs in the box set present over forty of Keen’s films. What comes across on viewing this beautifully presented material is the vast range of Keen’s experimentation. Keen works with multiple screens and noise soundtracks, for example. He…

L'Arrivée 1997/1998 2'09
Outer Space 1999 9'58
Dream Work 2001 11'
Manufraktur/ Manufracture 1985 2'54
Motion Picture (La Sortie des Ouvriers de l'Usine Lumière à Lyon) 1984 3'23
Get Ready 1999 1'04
Miniaturen - Viele Berliner Künstler in…

A collection of wonderful recordings from fluxus perfromances by Joesph Beuys, the Balloni Brothers and more! With more than 100 years between recordings,this is an LP worth a listen if you are interested in Fluxus and its history!
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